A Word from the Edge

Church of Our SaviourTune into our newest podcast, A Word from the Edge: faith, religion, and spiritual community at the edge of secular culture.

Provocative discussions from forums and one-on-one in-depth conversations offer a deeper look at contemporary faith and spirituality in the Bay Area and beyond.

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Henry VIIIListen to Episode 1:
Tyrants, Demagogues, and Democracy:
How do Christians Respond?

Catch the inaugural episode as Dr. Dryden Liddle and Br. Richard Edward discuss the historical roots of the current political moment, and a Christian response.

Length - 1:14:49 - Recorded on February 19, 2017


October 18th

Vestry Meeting
6:30 pm
Fireside Room

October 19th

Staff Meeting
3:00 pm

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