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Oddities of Incarnation

December 25th, 2010

by The Rev. Richard E. Helmer

We Christians have wrestled with the oddity of the incarnation for as long as we've called ourselves "Christian." The stories of Luke and Matthew and the theologizing of John are not finished bits of history or well-studied, carefully weighed measurements of empirical science. They are communities of Christians wrestling with the meaning of Jesus Christ and the stories that surrounded him and how he touched and continued to touch generation to generation the lives of people on spiritual pilgrimage. Atheists are right to refer to them as "myth," but we understand it as myth in the very best sense of the word. They embrace one of the deep mysteries of our faith - a profound sense of "God with us" in the muck and straw of our stabled lives, in the fleshy, fallible and sometimes stinky nature of human existence. . .God with us in our best moments and - perhaps even more importantly - in our worst.



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