by The Rev. Stephanie Green, Sabbatical Interim

From the July Perspective,
the newsletter of Church of Our Saviour:

Last Sunday a young woman introduced herself by name and let me know that she is from Davenport, Iowa, and that her family attends Trinity Cathedral. "Oh goodness! What are you doing here!" I asked in response. I grew up in Davenport and my family attends Trinity Cathedral--and yes, our mothers happened to be serving together on Altar Guild that day. (Now you know what kinds of conspiracies my be underway in church sacristies on any given Sunday . . .)

I had a chance to talk with K. at Coffee Hour and at the end of our conversation, I said in earnest, "I hope you'll come back!" Then I corrected that statement: "No, don't come back!" And she laughed. "Go visit St. Gregory of Nyssa and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Be in touch and I'll make a few more recommendations of places to visit on Sundays." I meant that: it is a great joy for church to have the opportunity to welcome visitors.


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