Grounded in God

by The Rev. Br. Richard Edward Helmer, BSG

From the July Perspective,
the newsletter of the Church of Our Saviour:

Summer meets us again with a lightening of calendars and so many of us preparing to travel. My family and I are about to leave for Japan for a few weeks to visit friends and family there, including an Anglican parish in Tokyo and a little congregation in Okaya near Nagano. Visiting there reminds me that, with all the plane and train travel ahead, we will find a familiar setting to be nourished in grace with sisters and brothers in Christ. While spending so much time in the air and on wheels, we will remain grounded in God.

Traveling or taking a "staycation"? How are you remaining grounded in God this summer? Our faith was made to be portable. So much of the action in our gospels happens on the road and in the between places getting from here to there. God's love is present, ready to meet us wherever we are, and Christ is ever near at hand, our companion on the Way. Remaining grounded is as simple as prayer, as easy as taking a moment of quiet to listen to the Maker and Redeemer of all. Make that time for yourself and those whom you love this summer.


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