Take time to play.

by The Rev. Stephanie M. Green

From the November Perspective,
the newsletter of Church of Our Saviour:

Dear Church of Our Saviour Friends,

I am grateful to have served as Godly Play Coordinator and Associate Rector for Children's and Family Ministries at Church of Our Saviour from the start of the last program year, through Br. Richard Edward's summer sabbatical, and into the launching of this program year. Each distinct period held opportunities for getting to know the parish in different ways: from joining the welcoming community of story tellers and greeters in the fall to celebrating holidays and feast days through story and song with the children during Community Sundays in the winter to sharing in the multi-generational seder in the spring to dialoging during the sermons with the 8 o'clock "crowd" and studying weekly lections then dining at the Spinnaker in Sausalito with our Bible Study group (in celebration of octogenarian and nonagenarian birthdays!) this summer. As people of all ages with many ministries and many gifts, we have laughed with and learned from one another in the classrooms, the sanctuary, the sacristy, the offices, the courtyard . . . in walks, around tables, and in the company of dogs, seals, and one very musical bird. My growing friendships with each member of the COS staff have been especially dear.

. . . It is in "playing" through outings, gatherings, service interests, running around the labyrinth, and a smile on a Sunday that we forge friendships with one another--and serve one another's needs and those of the wider world. And through the wisdom of God, we learn something, too! We are called to love one another through the incarnate Lord who loves us and abides in us. We are called to be spiritual friends in the fullness of our personhood. Spend time with one another. Take time to play.


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November 15th

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Altar Guild Meeting
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November 18th

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