Catching the Spirit

by The Rev. Br. Richard Edward Helmer, BSG

From the June Perspective,
the newsletter of the Church of Our Saviour:

With our confirmands nearing the end of their journey towards confirmation, the winding up of our Sunday school programs, and schools in the wider community nearing the end of the year, the winds of the Spirit are blowing, and many of us are ready to set sail: new schools, new adventures, new stages of life. At Church of Our Saviour, we roll into our summer schedule, with Summer Sunday School, and the upcoming Taos Mission Trip, and we all take a spiritual breather as we continue to plan and meet for prayer and fellowship over the summer.

One way to thinking about the work of the Holy Spirit as it blows into our midst this time of year is the way it blew into the lives of our spiritual ancestors, calling them to new paths, new journeys, new adventures. When those first disciples received the Spirit at Pentecost, their lives were forever altered, their perspectives changed, their imaginations heightened. The Spirit is the life-giving breath of God that not only changes everything, but leads us through the challenges of change itself.


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June 25th

Contemplative Prayer
11:45 am

June 25th

Ecumenical Service
1:30 pm
The Redwoods

June 29th

Staff Meeting
3:00 pm

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