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Angel2018 Church of Our Saviour Children’s Christmas Pageant
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It’s time to start preparing for this traditional Christmas Eve favorite at Church of Our Saviour! This year, I am excited to announce that we have a terrific leadership team: Bobbi Lynn Jones, Julie Knox, Hallie Marshall, and Tatem Read.

Mark Tarpey-Schwed will also be returning to work with our young readers, and Paige MacLeod will be assisting us at our dress rehearsal. If you also are interested in helping, see more below about what we need, and please write. From Archangels to Shepherd wranglers, this is always an all-hands-on-deck event!

Role requests for your children are now open. See the roles and age suggestions below. Take the time to discuss these roles with your children and ask them, as we do in Godly Play, “Where do you find yourself in this story?” And if you know of families from the wider community interested in participating, please do mention the pageant to them and put them in touch!

Send your role requests (no later than Wednesday, Nov. 28) to Br. Richard Edward or reach out to one of our team members. We will capture all of the requests and work together on making assignments. All roles will be confirmed by December 1st.

Check out the December Sunday rehearsal schedule below and get it in your calendar. While we understand this is a busy time of year and families may not be able to make every rehearsal, we strongly encourage making every effort to attend as many of the rehearsals as possible. All rehearsals will immediately follow our 10:00 am liturgy and coffee hour. We will make each rehearsal as effective and efficient as possible -- 30 minutes has been the norm, with some extra time before and after set aside for our speaking roles and readers.

1) Pageant Roles Still Available

Christmas PageantNon-speaking Roles with Suggested Age Ranges

Joseph 7 – 11
Angels * 3 – 7
Shepherds * (except head shepherd) 3 – 7
1 Sheep 3-5

*Angels and shepherds should be able to walk up the aisle either by themselves, or holding the hand of an older angel/shepherd.

Speaking Roles - 2 left to fill:

Reader 8 – 12
Head Shepherd + 9 – 12

pageantshepherds+ The Angel Gabriel, Wise Man #1 and Head Shepherd roles require memorization of short passages. Children in these roles should be comfortable projecting their voices, as our number of microphones for the pageant is limited.

+ For all the speaking roles remember that this is a BIG event - the church is usually standing room only - so please consider your child's ability and level of comfort speaking in front of people when signing up. We'll offer some coaching, but we also want this to be FUN for them!

2) Sunday Rehearsal Schedule: Please note these on your calendars!

Dec 2nd – Costume Fitting immediately after church upstairs in Choir Room
Dec 9th – Rehearsal @ 11:30
Dec 16th– Rehearsal @ 11:30
Dec 23rd – Dress Rehearsal @ 11:45 (allowing time to change into costumes)

Rehearsals will last approximately 30 minutes. Readers and Speaking roles should anticipate some additional preparation and coaching time before the rehearsal begins.

3) The Big Show: Christmas Eve - Monday, Dec. 24th
3:00 - Arrive to get into costumes
3:45 - Line up for procession into church
4:00 - Service begins
5:00 - Pageant Tea

4) Parent support: The pageant is most successful when several parents fill important (but not time consuming!) roles. The program runs more smoothly, and the kids have more fun!

Parent and Teenager Support Opportunities

Costume assistant - someone to help with fittings, getting names on costumes once assigned, etc.
Angel coordinators (Archangels!) – at least 2
Choir Room coordinators (2) – an excellent job for teens who want to participate behind the scenes.
Sign in desk (great for teenagers)
Help maintain minor semblance of organization/sanity
Pageant Tea Coordinators – 2 volunteers to both prepare mulled cider and organize food donations (All parents are asked to bring a food donation for the tea).

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer for a parent position, please contact us.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Br. Richard Edward+ 


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