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March 15, 2018

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This Week


Members of the Mill Valley community march to join the students at Tam High for their walkout on Wednesday morning. Br. Richard Edward and Church of Our Saviour member Tiffany Yelverton also joined in solidarity with the rally against gun violence, for sound gun regulation, and for greater school safety.

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This Sunday, March 18

Celebrate the Fifth Sunday in Lent at both services.

Sunday, March 18, Godly Play (PreK-Grade 4): jesuschildren

Join together in the courtyard for a song and a prayer at 9:45 am. Children continue into their classrooms to hear and work with the stories, "The Mystery of Easter" (holding together sadness and joy) and "Jesus and the Children," telling of Jesus' particular welcome of children on the road to Jerusalem.

Middle Saints (for all youth in grades 5-12):

crossmsPastor Stephanie and Tiana Wimmer will meet with youth this week to explore the puzzle of the cross in relationship to this week's Gospel (John 12:20-33). How can the cross be a source and sign of death and life, condemnation and glory, singularity and community? Youth will ponder the paradox of the "mystery of Easter" in preparation for Holy Week through both scripture and art.

prayerChristian Dharma:
Addressing Trauma

Sunday, March 18th
11:45 am
The parish nave

The news, partisan rancor, and an unsettled world regularly traumatize us and trigger memories of past individual and collective trauma. How can we cultivate a community and spiritual practices that help us heal and become a center of Christ's healing in a broken world?

Join Br. Richard Edward in this special Christian Dharma talk that also draws on our recent contemplative prayer work in the parish to talk, think, and practice together as we support one another's and the world's healing.

Mark you calendars for April 22 for the next meeting for the next Contemplative Prayer Group.

Next Week Come Feed the Homeless at our Monthly Free Lunch

Tuesday, March 20th

mtcarmelhotlunchOn the third Tuesday of every month, Church of Our Saviour sponsors a free hot lunch to all comers at the Mt. Carmel Church in Mill Valley. Many homeless and others in need depend on this meal. The lunch is also a time for them to enjoy some peace and fellowship. Volunteers are needed to drop off a salad, hot vegetable, or starch or to stay and help prep and serve the lunch - or both! (No need to volunteer every month, just the dates that are convenient for you.) There is a lot of camaraderie in the kitchen and the entire experience is very gratifying. If you are interested in volunteering, please email your name and email address to Elise Paisley. She will send you a monthly sign-up request.

The lunch is held in the gymnasium of the Greenwood School which is across Oakdale from Mt. Carmel church. You can park in the large church parking lot and enter the gym from the back of the Greenwood School building. The cross streets are Buena Vista and East Blithedale but the closer entrance is on Oakdale.

Thank you in advance for volunteering and supporting this important ministry!

Third Tuesdays in 2018: March 20, April 17, May 15, June 19, July 17, August 21, September 18, October 16, November 20 and December 18

Next Week on Palm Sunday for Children and Youth:

sederplateAll gather in the courtyard for the blessing of palms and a Godly Play-style telling of Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem before our Palm Procession. Children and youth process through the church to the choir room where Kathleen Piraino will host a seder for young people. Kathleen's experiential teaching of the seder reminds us of the centrality of the Exodus story in Judaism. At Church of Our Saviour, we tell the Exodus story every year in Godly Play and at our Easter Vigil. The seder presents a distinctly communal and familial celebration of Israel's deliverance from slavery in Egypt by the Holy One. Kathleen's offering is most welcome this year as Western Christianity and Judaism share "holy time": the beginning of Passover coincides with the Great Triduum, and so we journey as siblings in faith, together.

Upcoming High School Youth Events

Help serve lunch at the St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall in San Rafael, Saturday, April 7th, 10:30 am - 1:00 pm - All High School Youth are invited to particiapte in this. Contact Rev. Gerry Caprio for more information.

Taos Mission Trip - 2018

As part of our Faith in Action program COS Youth will once again make the annual mission journey to Taos, NM to participate in a Habitat For Humanity home building project. We leave on Sunday, June 17th and return on Sunday, June 24th. As in years past this will be a joint effort with the youth of St. Stephens Church in Belvedere.

Youth of high school age are welcome. Please mark your calendars and contact Rev. Gerry Caprio as soon as possible if you are interested in joining the trip.  Gerry is also sending an e-mail to all our Youth with a detailed description of the trip and the requirements for participation. As in past Taos service missions this year promises to be a great adventure.

Coming Up

Help serve at the R.E.S.T. Shelter on April 12th

RESTR.E.S.T. stands for Rotating Emergency Shelter Team. COS is teamed with Marin Lutheran, and the next date for us to help serve dinner is Thursday, April, 5:30 PM at the Wellness Center located at 3240 Kerner Blvd in San Rafael. Our duties include setting the tables, serving in the buffet line, and cleaning up. We sit and have dinner with the women who come to the shelter. The food is prepared by Marin Lutheran and is delivered to the Wellness Center by 5:30 pm.

This is our final date for this season.

Those who have participated in this program, you know how rewarding this service can be. It’s wonderful to sit and share stories with the women, and know that their evening with us is a short respite in a difficult life.  Children are welcome to help, just be aware that they need to be supervised.

For more information, contact Br. Richard Edward or Rosalind Patterson. We would be happy to talk with you!

Coming Up at Church of Our Saviour

Thursday – March 15:
3 pm – Staff Meeting – Office
6 pm – Adult Education Meeting – Fireside Room
7 pm – Choir Practice – Choir Room

Sunday – March 18 – 11:45 am – Healing Trauma & Contemplative Prayer Forum – Nave

Tuesday – March 20 – 9:30 am – Mt. Carmel Hot Lunch Program – Greenwood School Gym across from Mt. Carmel Church

Wednesday – March 21 – Noon – Stations of the Cross – Nave

Sunday – March 25 – Palm Sunday
1:30 pm – Ecumenical Service – The Redwoods

See below for Holy Week services

Thursday – April 5 – 3 pm – Staff Meeting – Office

Saturday – April 7 –10:30 am-1 pm – High School Youth at St. Vincent’s Dining Room

Thursday – April 12:
5:30 pm – R.E.S.T. Shelter – Help serve dinner at the Women’s Shelter in the Wellness Center, 3240 Kerner Blvd., San Rafael
7 pm – Choir Practice – Choir Room

Sunday – April 15 – 11:45 am – Adult Education Forum – Nave

Tuesday – April 17 – 9:30 am – Mt. Carmel Hot Lunch Program – Greenwood School Gym across from Mt. Carmel Church

Wednesday – April 18:
2 pm – Youth & Family Ministries Meeting – Fireside Room
6:30 pm – Vestry Meeting – Fireside Room

Thursday – April 19:
3 pm – Staff Meeting – Office
7 pm – Choir Practice – Choir Room

Saturday – April 21 –7 pm – Evening of the Arts – Nave – with a reception afterward in the Fireside Room. Free will donations to benefit Episcopal Impact Fund.


25 March   Palm Sunday
8 am Eucharist Rite I
10 am Choral Eucharist

29 March   Maundy Thursday                             6 pm
Gather in the Fireside Room for a traditional agape meal, washing of feet and Holy Eucharist, with procession to the Chapel of Repose. You may keep vigil in the Chapel of Repose for a period during Thursday night.

30 March   Good Friday                                      Noon
Holy Eucharist with dramatic reading of the Passion from John’s Gospel and Veneration of the Cross.  The Sanctuary remains open until 3 pm for meditation and prayer.
7 pm:  Ecumenical service at Peace Lutheran Church on Tennesse Valley Road.

31 March   Holy Saturday                               9:30 am
Preparation of the nave and Sanctuary, led by the Altar Guild.  All are welcome to help with the Spring cleaning of the church for Easter

Easter Vigil              8 pm in the Courtyard
After a dramatic recounting of the story of salvation, we turn with song and joy to the Resurrection in our first service of Easter.

1 April       Easter Sunday
8 am Eucharist Rite I
10 am Choral Eucharist
An Easter egg hunt and festive coffee hour will be held after the 10 am service.

Seeking the Spirit

The Rev. Dr. Susanna SingerListen to a Recent Sermon

Taking up Our Cross

The Second Sunday in Lent
February 25th

by The Rev. Dr. Susanna Singer

Long before the cross became an object of external fashion, jewelry, or even religious power, taking up the cross meant a call to Christians to set aside worldly power and embrace the suffering of those around them with compassion and the healing touch of our Savior.

Some Cross

Mark 8:27—9:1

crosscelticBy U.S. standards I am not a wealthy person, but I have more freedom, safety and access to the resources I need than most people in the world. I have clean water, enough fresh food, basic medical and dental care. A computer, for heaven’s sake, and a car! So I feel very uncomfortable when I hear Jesus in today’s Gospel talking about losing one’s life and taking up a cross to follow him. What am I risking for this Savior I purport to be following?

My aunt used to say, “we all have our little crosses to bear,” when she was talking about her work. She taught math to middle school kids at that juncture when learning the multiplication tables gives way to learning algebra, and melt-downs abound. She was always looking for new, more fruitful ways of helping her students to understand. But I used to think, “Some cross. Nobody is killing you.”

In the middle of pondering this, the phone rings. A friend is reaching out to me, needing somebody to listen to her. My forearms itch with the need to put what I am thinking into words on my empty page. But instead I delete the blank document and close my laptop. Looking out the window, phone against my ear, I settle in.

Outside the day is growing warmer – unnaturally warm for this time of year. I should make a note to water the trees, I think, then I let that impulse go. I set aside all my impulses: my needs, my assumptions, my ideas, my plans. And I listen.

For me, taking up the cross is not one huge, single, life-altering event. It is thousands of little choices that I make or fail to make every single day. Every time I choose to really listen, whether it is in conversation, through responding to people’s needs as I go about in the world, or listening to God in prayer, I am dying to myself and following my Lord, who is Love.

Many people are called to give their lives to right the world’s injustices. We owe them a profound debt of gratitude; they are acting on behalf of us all. And while I am not one of them, it’s important that I remember my good fortune, pray for those who suffer, and serve where I am able. I owe my now-deceased aunt an apology. Who knows what deaths-to-self accompanied each of her daily decisions in her dedication to her students and to God? For all of us it is the thousand small daily choices, the ways in which we relinquish our own needs and desires in each moment for the sake of our neighbors, that mark our discipleship to Christ.

Laurie Gudim is an iconographer and writer who lives and worships in Fort Collins, CO. Visit her website here.

From Episcopal Café.

Prayers this Week

In our Church of Our Saviour Cycle of Prayer, we pray today for the Miller family, the Metzger family and the Gaumond family, and for the ministry of our Altar Guild, and for those who celebrate their birthdays, especially Alice Leiden, Mason Roberts, Addie O’Neil, Randy Tarpey-Schwed, Henry Collins and Nancy Emerson. In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. Please pray for those who are ill and in need of comfort, especially Dan, Will, Aylin, Bob, Harriet, Elessar, Kern, Deborah, Barry, Carolyn, Michael, Murray, Muriel, Burnet, Marghi, Scott, Grace and Callen; those serving in the military and overseas, especially Leif, Steven, Jane, Quinn, Christopher and Andrew; and those who have died, especially Br. Luke Anthony, all those who died in the shooting in Parkland, Florida, and Don. We pray for all who have lost their homes due to fires, hurricanes and earthquakes and for help in rescue and recovery efforts. We pray for all who are affected by terrorism around the world. We pray for justice and peace in the Middle East, especially for the people of Syria, for comfort for all victims of violence around the world. We pray for all who seek stable housing throughout the Bay Area, and for all who organize to address the housing crisis.

Prayers of the People are updated weekly. Names of those desiring prayers may be added to the Sunday prayers or to this bulletin, with their permission, by contacting the church office.

Faith in Action


Marching Together Against Gun Violence
Take action. March in solidarity.

Saturday, March 24th - March for our Lives
San Francisco March - 1:00 pm


Holy Hikes & San Francisco Baykeeper

On Saturday, March 17th, Holy Hikes will be partnering with San Francisco Baykeeper to clean up the East Creek Slough, one of Oakland's "trash hotspots." We will not have a traditional hike, but will weave the different parts of The Holy Eucharist into our walk along the East Creek Slough during the clean-up time. The structure of this event will be roughly as follows:

10:00 Gathering with Opening Prayers
10:15 Introduction/Supplies & Readings from Scripture
10:30 Walk and Bay clean-up
11:30 Pause Clean-up for 15 minutes to have Prayers of the People and Peace
11:45 Continue walk and clean-up
12:45 Liturgy of the Table with light snacks to follow

Please RSVP if you are able to if you plan to join us for this Bay cleanup.

When: Saturday March 17, 9:45 a.m. (gather); 10 a.m. (event starts)
Where: East Creek Slough, Oakland

We will meet at the North Parking Lot of the Coliseum Public Market. You can use the entrance just north of the main Coliseum Public Market entrance at 5401 Coliseum Way, or you can use the main entrance and when you go in, turn right and go to the northward far parking lot by the fence. Look for Baykeeper and Holy Hikes banners.

Contact: the Rev. Justin R. Cannon

gileadhouseGilead House Event

MOTHERS MATTER 2018, Friday, April 20, 6:00 pm. At the Marin Country Club, 500 Country Club Drive, Novato.

Join us for an evening celebrating The House Built by HOPE. Mix & Mingle and enjoy Sips & Savories while learning about Gilead House. Hear from a mom whose life has been changed. Discover how you can be involved and join in the work being done. Tickets are $35 per person.

The Wider Church

Bishops Ranch events

brrainbowSpring Service Day

April 7, 2018, 9 am-3 pm
1 day/1 meal (sack lunch) no charge

Join The Bishop’s Ranch for a day of environmental stewardship! Help the Ranch start the year off right by caring for our wild lands in an ecologically sound way, making room for a more natural landscape by clearing non-natives. Stay through the afternoon to enjoy the trails or the Ranch grounds. Bring gloves and/or hand pruners if you have them. Weather permitting.

Please Register by: April 1, 2018

Encaustic Collage Retreat

May 19-20,2018

1 night/4 meals (Saturday lunch-Sunday lunch)
All art supplies included
$205 commuter (Saturday and Sunday lunches only)
$290 double occupancy
$340 single occupancy (very limited)

Join the Ranch’s resident artist Lisa Thorpe for an intimate workshop to explore encaustic collage techniques. Create small collage pieces on wood using art papers, old maps, photos, and other ephemera, to be covered with hot encaustic medium (a mixture of resin and beeswax). The retreat includes demos of techniques and lots of time to play and experiment. All materials are included and no prior experience is needed. For examples of Lisa’s art, take a look at her website:

Please Register by: May 12, 2018

Writing in Ordinary Time

Week 1: August 5-10
Week 2: August 12-17
Week 3: August 26-31

Each week is 5 nights/14 meals (Sunday dinner-Friday breakfast)
$855 per person/per week single occupancy only

Sink into the quiet places of creative work supported by facilitator Laurie Glover. Modeled after Silent Days of Advent, Writing in Ordinary Time is offered to give writers a week or two to enter into the deep work of writing in the company of others doing the same, whether starting writing for the first time, starting new work, or seeking a fresh approach to ongoing work. All hold supportive silence with each other through the course of each day and gather to share every evening. Leave behind the pressures of getting published, networking, making career moves, the fears of not being any good, and just write!

Retreat Leader: LAURIE GLOVER, MA, PhD, is a poet, essayist and novelist who has been teaching writing since 1990, at UC Davis since 1997. She has facilitated artist and writer’s retreats and writing workshops for over ten years.

PAYMENT IS DUE IN FULL FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION. Contact the Ranch office to register with a payment plan at 707-433-2440. (All balances are due by June 30, 2018.)

Please Register By: July 22, 2018


Holy Hikes 2018 Schedule

On Saturday, once a month, Holy Hikes leads outdoor liturgical hikes, which include a celebration of the Holy Eucharist in the beauty of the outdoors. The group meets at 9:45 am and hiking starts at 10:00 am sharp. All are welcome; mark your calendars and please let your congregations know about these upcoming hikes:

Contact: the Rev. Justin Cannon,

Parishioner Classifieds


Send in your work, service, or spirituality-related classifieds for the parish. Postings will be retained for one month, after which you may refresh them for re-posting.

Weekly Archives


March 20th

Mt. Carmel Hot Lunch Program
9:30 am
Mt. Carmel

March 22nd

Choir Practice
7:00 pm
Choir Room

March 25th

Ecumenical Service
1:30 pm
The Redwoods

March 29th

Maundy Thursday Agape Meal, Footwashing & Eucharist
6:00 pm
Fireside Room

March 30th

Good Friday Service
12:00 pm

March 31st

Easter Vigil
8:00 pm

April 5th

Staff Meeting
3:00 pm

April 7th

High School Youth Serve
10:30 am
St. Vincent de Paul, San Rafael

April 12th

REST Shelter
5:30 pm
San Rafael

April 12th

Choir Practice
7:00 pm
Choir Room

April 14th

Paul Weissich Memorial
1:30 pm
Nave & Fireside Room

April 17th

Mt. Carmel Hot Lunch Program
9:30 am
Mt. Carmel

April 18th

Youth & Family Team Meeting
2:00 pm
Fireside Room

April 19th

Staff Meeting
3:00 pm

April 19th

Choir Practice
7:00 pm
Choir Room

April 21st

Evening of the Arts
7:00 pm

April 22nd

Contemplative Prayer
11:45 am

April 22nd

Ecumenical Service
1:30 pm
The Redwoods

April 22nd

Confirmation Class
5:00 pm
Fireside Room

April 26th

Choir Practice
7:00 pm
Choir Room

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