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May 24, 2018

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This Week

Rector's Sabbatical this Summer

Sisters and Brothers, Friends in Christ:

Thanks to the generosity of the parish and the blessing of support from the Vestry and Staff, I will be taking a two-month sabbatical this summer from June 4th-August 6th. While I am away from the parish, our Associate Rector, Pastor Stephanie, will step in for me for pastoral and worship leadership. We will continue our usual schedule of Wednesday and Sunday services, and Pastor Stephanie will be in Mill Valley at least two weekdays each week for pastoral visits and to be present at the office.

During the sabbatical, I will be traveling with family and also trying my hand at musical composition along with study and writing in spirituality and ministry. In July, I attend The Episcopal Church's triennial General Convention in Austin, where I will be serving as Secretary of the House of Deputies Resolutions Review Committee.

While this time of rest and refreshment is a welcome gift, I will also miss being at Church of Our Saviour, and please know you will all remain very much in my prayers. I will look forward to being back with you again in August!

My gratitude to the Vestry and Staff of Church of Our Saviour for making this extended sabbath time possible.

Be sure to join us this Trinity Sunday to hear our guest preacher, Archdeacon Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain, and join in our forum with her after coffee hour to talk more about the ministry of deacons in the Church.

Mark your calendars to join our seven amazing confirmands as they are confirmed at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, on Saturday, June 2nd, at 10 am. Members of the parish are warmly invited to come and support the growing faith and vibrant life of our young members as they recommit themselves to walking in the baptismal covenant. They have been preparing for this day all year.

Thank you again to everyone who helped make last week's Pentecost celebration and baptism so extraordinary!

I wish you each a remarkable summer as we prepare for the end of school and time to rejoice in the beauty of God's creation.

With all love in Christ,

Br. Richard Edward+

This Sunday celebrate Trinity Sunday at 8 am and 10 am services.

Archdeacon Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain will be the guest preacher at both services and will lead a forum in the Nave after coffee hour.

picassoflowersSunday, May 27, 10 am: Teacher Appreciation Sunday for Godly Play.

Families with children (PreK-Grade 4): Join in the courtyard for a song and a prayer at 9:45 am. On our last Sunday of the program year, we give special thanks for all that our teachers have brought to us in welcome, story telling, wondering, supporting children's work/play, and our shared Feast.

Muriel HammondMemorial Service for Muriel Hammond at 3 pm, THIS SUNDAY, May 27th

All are welcome to this celebration of longtime parishioner and wife of over 70 years to our 11th Rector, Murray Hammond. Joining us for this service will be The Rev. Kirsten Spalding, Rector of Church of the Nativity, San Rafael, members of the Nativity Choir, and The Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus, Bishop of California.

A reception in Muriel's honor will be held immediately following the service in the Fireside Room and Patio.

Support the Marin Ritter Center – Toiletry Donations Needed by May 27th

Tam Valley Girl Scout Troop 10938 is collecting travel size toiletries to donate to the Marin Ritter Center. If you find any extra clean ones around your house, please donate them! The Ritter Center is a non-profit organization in Marin that helps the low income and homeless. Until Sunday, May 27th, there will be a marked box in the coffee room of the Church in which you may deposit donations. Scarlett Campbell is a member of the troop and will collect the donations. If you have questions, please contact Scarlett or her mom Bobbi Lynn Jones at 415-320-4698. Thank you for your support!

Summer Sunday School

SS2018Our annual Summer Sunday School Program begins on June 3rd and continues every Sunday through September 2nd. Assistant teachers are needed! At least one volunteer is required for each week to work with Rev. Gerry. Please sign up at our Signup Genius web page as soon a possible!

Contact Rev. Gerry by email or 415-786-3949 if you have any questions or require further information.

Summer Potlucks for Godly Play and Faith Quest Families!

potluck2This summer we are trying something new and will gather at family homes for shared potluck meals--with plenty of free playtime for the kids (and talking time for adults!). The Sutherlands have offered to start us off in June (date TBA). Please contact Pastor Stephanie if you would enjoy hosting a potluck on a weekday evening for supper or a Saturday morning for brunch. Let's get together!


The Taos Mission Trip — Faith in Action

The COS Taos Mission team has been set and the following teens will be joining their counterparts from St. Stephen's in Belvedere: Camilla Tarpey-Schwed, Frances Tarpey-Schwed, Iain Cunningham, Sarah Taft (from Mt. Carmel), Ben Ginnebaugh, Danika Clifford, Sebastian Carter and Bella Lieva-Hare.

We will commission our team during the 10 am service on Sunday, June 10th. Please come and support them with your prayers and encouragement. They need it! The Taos Mission with Habitat For Humanity is a very challenging experience—both for the labor itself and the climate conditions. It is also a valuable experience in "faith in action" through service to others.

Following the commissioning we will have a fundraising event during the coffee hour. Offsetting our travel expenses and lowering the overall cost of the mission will enable some volunteers to afford their trip. Please be generous! Thank you in advance for your support and best wishes.

Coming Up

Come Feed the Homeless at our Monthly Free Lunch

mtcarmelhotlunchOn the third Tuesday of every month, Church of Our Saviour sponsors a free hot lunch to all comers at the Mt. Carmel Church in Mill Valley. Many homeless and others in need depend on this meal. The lunch is also a time for them to enjoy some peace and fellowship. Volunteers are needed to drop off a salad, hot vegetable, or starch or to stay and help prep and serve the lunch - or both! (No need to volunteer every month, just the dates that are convenient for you.) There is a lot of camaraderie in the kitchen and the entire experience is very gratifying. If you are interested in volunteering, please email your name and email address to Elise Paisley. She will send you a monthly sign-up request.

The lunch is held in the gymnasium of the Greenwood School which is across Oakdale from Mt. Carmel church. You can park in the large church parking lot and enter the gym from the back of the Greenwood School building. The cross streets are Buena Vista and East Blithedale but the closer entrance is on Oakdale.

Thank you in advance for volunteering and supporting this important ministry!

Third Tuesdays in 2018: June 19, July 17, August 21, September 18, October 16, November 20 and December 18.

Contemplative Prayer Group Continues this

prayerAll who are interested are invited to join Nancy Cone for contemplative prayer practice in the parish library from 11:30 am to 12:15 pm following coffee hour.

This ancient Christian practice helps calm the mind, reduce stress, and center us in God’s presence, paralleling meditation practices in many other spiritual traditions.

No experience necessary, no sign up necessary, just join us!

Mark you calendars for June 24 and July 29 for the next meetings.

Coming Up at Church of Our Saviour

Thursday – May 24:
3 pm – Staff Meeting – Office
7 pm – Choir Practice – Choir Room

Sunday – May 27 – Archdeacon Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain as guest preacher
11:45 am – Adult Education Forum – Nave
1:30 pm – Ecumenical Service – The Redwoods
3 pm – Muriel Hammond Memorial Service – Nave

Thursday – May 31 – 7 pm – Choir Practice – Choir Room
Saturday – June 2 – 10 am – Confirmation – Grace Cathedral

Thursday – June 7 – 7 pm – Choir Practice – Choir Room

Sunday – June 10 – Mary Kay Sweeney as guest preacher
11:45 am – Adult Education Forum – Nave

Wednesday – June 13 – 6:30 pm – Vestry Meeting – Fireside Room

Tuesday – June 19 – 9:30 am – Mt. Carmel Hot Lunch Program – Greenwood School Gym across from Mt. Carmel Church

Sunday – June 24:
11:30 am – Contemplative Prayer – Library
1:30 pm – Ecumenical Service – The Redwoods

Wednesday – July 4 – the church office will be closed for the holiday.

Tuesday – July 17 – 9:30 am – Mt. Carmel Hot Lunch Program – Greenwood School Gym across from Mt. Carmel Church

Sunday – July 22 – 1:30 pm – Ecumenical Service – The Redwoods

Sunday – July 29 – 11:30 am – Contemplative Prayer – Library

Seeking the Spirit

The Rev. Br. Richard Edward HelmerListen to a Recent Sermon

Witnessing to Pentecost

May 20th

by The Rev. Br. Richard Edward Helmer

What do a Royal Wedding, the Tower of Babel, and the Day of Pentecost have in common?


Becoming an Infant

At that time Jesus said, ‘I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to infants; yes, Father, for such was your gracious will. – Matthew 11:25-26

This passage has always perplexed me. I belong to a church that once posted a sign on its front door reading, “Jesus Christ came to take away your sins, not your mind.” Christianity can claim some very brilliant minds. And I, personally, value intellectual exploration a great deal: the world and the cosmos, the history of humankind, the study of theology and scripture. What does Jesus mean that his truth is hidden from the wise and intelligent and given to infants instead?

Recently I had an experience that has thrown some light on this. For weeks a profound doubt had been building within me. I had been nagged by the question of whether I am serving God in the way that God desires, and that question had pulled the blanket off the deeper question. The notion that God became flesh and walked among us – even that there is a God at all – suddenly seemed sort of ludicrous.

I have gone through this cycle of belief and unbelief several times in my life, so I wasn’t panicked by these thoughts. For me they often herald the beginning of a deeper understanding, a more profound relationship with the Holy. So I finally faced into them and let them have their say.

How do I know the truth of the Christian story? Couldn’t it be that I have just bought the line fed to me from the time I was a child? Every spiritual experience can be explained away. My faith could be nothing more than the accumulation of misread stimuli and conditioned responses. So said my mind.

After I had let this argument unfold and I was wondering what to do with it, I became aware of a deeper inner center. I became aware of my heart. This is the true core of me, more so than my mind, the place of volition, intuition and feeling. It spoke quietly to the rest of me, and did so with great certainty. This has never happened to me before.

My heart tells me that it has no question of belonging to the living God and to Christ. Furthermore, it never has. My belief is not a matter of the mind; it is from this deeper place, the place where Christ himself dwells.

The mind is a wonderful tool, and intellectual adventures are delightful and nourishing. We can use our brains to figure out tons of things about the world, about ourselves, and about our faith. But minds are built to measure, to compare, to distinguish and to name. They are not equipped to decide matters of belief.

Every time I turn to God with a muttered word or open myself to the inner solitude of contemplation – each time I pray – I become like an infant. I set aside my wisdom and my intellect to rest in the newness of a fresh beginning, a brand new moment with God. God writes on my heart. Apparently God always has.

Laurie Gudim is an iconographer and writer who lives and worships in Fort Collins, CO. Visit her website here.

From Episcopal Café.

Prayers this Week

In our Church of Our Saviour Cycle of Prayer, we pray today for the Lion family, the Liddle family and the Hayes family, and for our Eucharistic ministers, and for those who celebrate their birthdays, especially Carlisle Huson. In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the Anglican Church of Korea. Please pray for those who are ill and in need of comfort, especially Dan, Will, Aylin, Elessar, Kern, Deborah, Barry, Michael, Murray, Burnet, Marghi, Scott, Grace, Callen, Maggi, Ann S., Molly, Ed, Tim, Richard C., and Krysteena; those serving in the military and overseas, especially Leif, Steven, Quinn, Christopher and Andrew; and those who have died, especially Muriel, Steven, Dorothy and Peggy.  We pray for all who have lost their homes due to fires, hurricanes and earthquakes and for those who help in rescue and recovery efforts. We pray for all who are affected by terrorism around the world. We pray for justice and peace in the Middle East, especially for the people of Syria, for comfort for all victims of violence around the world. We pray for all who seek stable housing throughout the Bay Area, and for all who organize to address the housing crisis.

Prayers of the People are updated weekly. Names of those desiring prayers may be added to the Sunday prayers or to this bulletin, with their permission, by contacting the church office.

Faith in Action


On Saturday, June 16, Holy Hikes and San Francisco Baykeeper will host a “Bay Clean-up Mass” at Marin Audubon Society's Tiscornia marsh land near Pickleweed Park, San Rafael. A substantial amount of trash is on the shoreline, and several endangered species live in the marsh. Our cleanup will do a lot of good here! This one-day event is part of an ongoing relationship between Holy Hikes and San Francisco Baykeeper, a nonprofit that has been working to protect the San Francisco Bay from pollution. All are welcome to join this unique opportunity to clean the Bay and celebrate a spirituality that recognizes interdependency with the land and waters. The event will include a celebration of the Holy Eucharist woven into a clean-up of the marshes.

Sejal Choksi-Chugh, Executive Director and the designated ‘Baykeeper’, comments, “Baykeeper is excited about this partnership with Holy Hikes to help grow the diverse ecosystem of volunteers and supporters that protect our beautiful San Francisco Bay. Together, we will continue to stand up to the biggest polluters and tackle the greatest threats to the Bay’s health.”

10:00 Gathering with Opening Prayers
10:15 Introduction/Supplies & Readings from Scripture
10:30 Walk and Clean up
11:30 Pause Clean up for 15 minutes to have Prayers of the People and Peace
11:45 Continue walk and clean up
12:45 Liturgy of the Table

When: Saturday June 16, 9:45 a.m. (gather); 10 a.m. (event starts)
Where: Pickleweed Park, 50 Canal St, San Rafael, CA 94901 (meet by the main play area)
Contact: the Rev. Justin R. Cannon

The Wider Church

Education for Ministry (EfM) Marin Group looking for new members in the fall

EfM description borrowed from St. John’s, Ross:

efm“How should we then live?” Living day to day is complex. What do you do when it is not Sunday morning? If your spouse or child or friend asks you to do or buy something, or your boss suggests that “thus and so” is a good idea, how do you know what to do? I know that we all have a gut reaction but where can you test our ideas, think and talk about what our God would think is the right answer? Like the snake oil salesman of old I happen to have the solution. Every Monday night a group (Education for Ministry) meets in the Youth Room at St. John’s and talks about scripture and reflects on theology and their lives. Education for Ministry (EfM) is a four-year program from the School of Theology at Sewanee full of deep, varied reading, and rich discussion. We are all seekers trying to figure out what God is calling us to do (our “ministry”) and how to get on with it.

If you are curious about this sort of in-depth thinking about Christianity and your life, talk to Rose Scarff, our parish administrator, or Bill Kaufman, one of the mentors for the group. You can also check out the Sewanee website here or the diocesan website here.

What is Education for Ministry?

EfM is lay education for anyone who is interested in both spiritual development and information about the Bible, Church History and Theology.

The format of EfM is small group (6 to 12 people) discussion.

When you join EfM, you commit to one academic year, September to June, with breaks at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Holy Week.

All required textbooks and materials are included in the registration fee.

In addition to the factual information we study, you will develop deep friendships, a way of looking at things through a theological lens, and leadership skills.

Bishops Ranch events

Summer Camps Are Almost Here!

Summer is quickly approaching. Our Camp Staff arrives to start their training in a month and they will be looking forward to welcoming your kids!

Camp Staff Training – Required for all staff – Sunday, June 17 to Friday, June 22, 2018
Weekend Camp for Families – Friday, June 22 to Sunday, June 24, 2018
Generations Camp – Sunday, June 24 to Saturday, June 30, 2018
Family Camp – Sunday, July 1 to Saturday, July 7, 2018
BREAD: Explorers – Sunday, July 8 to Saturday, July 14, 2018
READ Camp (day camp) – Monday, July 16 to Friday, July 20, 2018
BREAD: Adventurers – Sunday, July 22 to Saturday, July 28, 2018
BREAD: Discoverers – Monday, July 30 to Saturday, August 4, 2018

Sign Up Now!

brrainbowWriting in Ordinary Time

Week 1: August 5-10
Week 2: August 12-17
Week 3: August 26-31

Each week is 5 nights/14 meals (Sunday dinner-Friday breakfast)
$855 per person/per week single occupancy only

Sink into the quiet places of creative work supported by facilitator Laurie Glover. Modeled after Silent Days of Advent, Writing in Ordinary Time is offered to give writers a week or two to enter into the deep work of writing in the company of others doing the same, whether starting writing for the first time, starting new work, or seeking a fresh approach to ongoing work. All hold supportive silence with each other through the course of each day and gather to share every evening. Leave behind the pressures of getting published, networking, making career moves, the fears of not being any good, and just write!

Retreat Leader: LAURIE GLOVER, MA, PhD, is a poet, essayist and novelist who has been teaching writing since 1990, at UC Davis since 1997. She has facilitated artist and writer’s retreats and writing workshops for over ten years.

PAYMENT IS DUE IN FULL FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION. Contact the Ranch office to register with a payment plan at 707-433-2440. (All balances are due by June 30, 2018.)

Please Register By: July 22, 2018


Holy Hikes 2018 Schedule

On Saturday, once a month, Holy Hikes leads outdoor liturgical hikes, which include a celebration of the Holy Eucharist in the beauty of the outdoors. The group meets at 9:45 am and hiking starts at 10:00 am sharp. All are welcome; mark your calendars and please let your congregations know about these upcoming hikes:

Contact: the Rev. Justin Cannon,

Parishioner Classifieds

Joan Peck in Altered Book Exhibit

alteredbookCome see! Joan Peck has an entry in the Altered Book Exhibition this year. It is a fun exhibit every year, and the Marin MOCA is a wonderful place, with a lovely restaurant right next door.

9th Annual Altered Book Exhibit and Fundraiser
Presented by Private Ocean
April 28, 2018 - June 2, 2018
Live Auction and Closing Party: June 2, 5-8 pm
500 Palm Drive,
Novato, California 94949
415 506 0137


Museum Hours
Wednesday - Friday
11am to 4pm
Saturday - Sunday
11am to 5pm

The book becomes art at MarinMOCA’s 9th Annual Altered Book Exhibit and Fundraiser. Marin’s most popular art show features 150 original book art objects, created by artists who combine provocative messages with inventive technique. Fans and art collectors will see an innovative display of Altered Books. Mary Austin, Co-Founder of the San Francisco Center for the Book, will select the award-winners from 150 outstanding pieces. The artworks are eagerly sought by book art aficionados, who return year after year to see the show.

We invite the public to view and bid on their favorite works during the silent auction from April 28 - June 2. The Closing Party and Live Auction will be held on June 2, 5-8 pm, when all the book art objects will be auctioned to the highest bidder. MarinMOCA is extremely grateful for the artists who are donating their work. This event is MarinMOCA’s biggest fundraiser of the year and all proceeds from the auction support our exhibitions and programming.

This year MarinMOCA is pleased to announce that we have again received a $15,000 challenge grant from the Donald O. and Ronald R. Collins Fund of the Marin Community Foundation. The grant was awarded to support MarinMOCA’s annual Altered Book fundraiser and is in honor of Eleanor Murray who championed the event nine years ago. The challenge grant will match winning bids dollar for dollar up to $15,000, effectively doubling each winning bid!

We are so excited to continue celebrating the Bay Area’s vibrant book arts community with our ninth Altered Book Show.

Housing wanted

cottageAfter nine years on the waiting list and a long application process, a few weeks ago I was approved for a Section Eight housing grant. Because of federal budget cuts, Marin County has a large shortfall for this. Marin Housing is waiting for official notification, and when they receive it, anyone new to the program who has not yet found housing will have their housing grant frozen till at least 2019. Anyone who already has housing will be able to keep their grant. The notification could come at any time. So if anyone has a room, in-law apartment, or cottage available, it would be a big help. I can pay up to $1800/month.

Thank you, --Charles Forrest (415) 306-3465

Need a House-sitter and/or Pet-Sitter?

housepetsittingIf you need someone to take care of your house and/or animals while you are on vacation, COS has two trusted options for you!

Debbie Lewis (parishioner) is available to hire for house-sitting and/or pet-sitting; lives in Mill Valley, contact at telephone (415) 819-8712; references available.

Rose Scarff (parish administrator) is also available for house-sitting and/or pet-sitting. Contact at or 415-887-8768; references available.


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Mt. Carmel Hot Lunch Program
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August 26th

Contemplative Prayer
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August 26th

Ecumenical Service
1:30 pm
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September 5th

Youth & Family Ministries Meeting
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