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February 14, 2019

This Week

Plain Gospel

from the Rector

This Sunday, even as a number of us are headed up to the mountains for ski week or trying to sit high and dry after a wet winter storm, we hear Luke’s summary of Jesus’ basic teachings in the “Sermon on the Plain.” During Wednesday Bible Study this week, one of our parishioners noted the profound contrast between Luke’s account of these teachings and Matthew’s.

In Matthew, Jesus departs the crowds and goes with his disciples up a mountain to teach them - the “Sermon on the Mount”. There, he speaks in elevated, spiritual terms. But in Luke, Jesus remains with the crowds, and even foreigners, all who are reaching out to touch him for healing. Luke frames Jesus’ teachings in plain, physical, earthy terms. Take a look at the contrast for yourself:

Matthew 5:3 - Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Luke 6:20 - Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.

Matthew 5:6 - Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
Luke 6:21 - Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you will be filled.

You get the idea. Luke, tradition holds, was a physician, and his telling of the gospel is filled with healing stories, touch, and the physicality of Jesus’ teachings and journey. He wants us to understand that God cares for our bodies as much as our souls -- a distinction that we picked up from the Greeks, but is far more ambiguous for our Jewish spiritual ancestors, who equated spirit with something as physical as breath and often framed faith in very earthy, tangible terms.

Christian tradition has often called the loving acts of physical support and healing and feeding those who are hungry “corporal acts of mercy” - mercy for the body, which is as much God’s dwelling place as anywhere else. Remember this the next time you help prepare a family meal, serve lunch at Mt. Carmel for those who are hungry, help out at the Food Bank, or donate to the parish discretionary fund. These are all Gospel acts -- “Plain Gospel” we might call them, and they set our spiritual ancestors apart in the wider Roman world just as much as they set us apart today:

For we are to demonstrate what it means to tangibly give out of love just as God does . . . and expect nothing in return.

Quick reminders:

Stay safe and dry, and the love of Christ be with you all,

- Br. Richard Edward+

Learn more now about our Sunday readings:

Preparing for Sunday

Contemplative Prayer Group Continues

prayerAll who are interested are invited to join Nancy Cone for contemplative prayer practice in the parish library from 11:30 am to 12:15 pm following coffee hour.

This ancient Christian practice helps calm the mind, reduce stress, and center us in God’s presence, paralleling meditation practices in many other spiritual traditions.

No experience necessary, no sign up necessary, just join us!

Mark you calendars for March 17 for the next meeting.

Mt. Carmel Hot Lunch Next Tuesday

Tuesday, February 19th, is our next Mt. Carmel hot lunch and we need volunteers and hot dishes!
This Tuesday falls during winter school break so we are particularly in need of volunteers and donations as some of our "regulars" will be out of town.
Please click on this LINK to sign up to contribute a salad or hot dish and to volunteer to help prep or serve.
Many thanks for your support of this ministry!!

Early BaptisteryListen to last Sunday’s Education Forum:
Back to Basics Part 1 - 
Jewish Roots, Greek Mind

In the first of a forum series “Back to Basics”, members of the parish explore the early foundations of Christianity, exploring our Jewish roots and the Greek influences that informed the faith and practices of the earliest Christian communities.

See slides for the forum here.

Join our next forum on Sunday, February 24th, at 11:30 am:
Back to Basics Part 2 - Nicaea, the Emperor, and the Church.

Interested in being a Eucharistic Minister? New to the Vestry?

Ros Patterson asked that we let everyone know about the upcoming training day for Eucharistic ministers at Grace Cathedral, along with lots of other programs, including a track for Vestry Members. This is always a fun event, and this time it is on the same day as the Chinese New Year parade, so you will be right in place to watch it after the workshops.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Beloved Community Training Day + Vestry Training

Saturday, February 23, 2019, 9 am to 3:30 pm
Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

Join us for a day of exploring ways that churches can meet neighbors and be neighbors themselves. Churches can ask the question “Who is my neighbor?” and then explore new ways of thinking about the neighbors around us, both far and near.
There are a variety of workshops for both lay leaders and clergy to attend. There is a track for Vestry members – but this isn’t just for Vestry members. This is day is great for those involved in outreach ministries, formation, communications volunteers, Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors, and anyone needing training in Whole and Healthy Church – our new safe church training. And there will be an extended presentation by CPG for anyone part of the Church Pension Group.
Our large group sessions will be a time of worship as well as drama presented by Kurt and Cathey Purucker of the Covenant Players to make us laugh, think and look at our church life from a different viewpoint.
Register and learn more at!

Greeters Needed for Sunday School Classrooms!

Like to be with children? Like to listen to biblical stories told in a creative and fun way? Like to get to know our youngest parishioners? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please join us as a Godly Play Greeter! Greeters serve in the Godly Play or Faith Quest classrooms one Sunday a month and welcome the children, help them with their craft and play materials, and support them in serving our classroom snacks. Being a Sunday School Greeter is a great way to participate in our classrooms without having to prepare to teach or manage the class. But Greeters are critical to making our classrooms safe and running smoothly. All teen and adult parishioners are welcome to be Greeters - you do not have to have school-age children! For further information, please contact Mallary Walker

Episcopal Relief and Development Lenten Meditations

We invite you to share in the 2019 Lenten email series from Episcopal Relief & Development. Each day during Lent you will receive a daily reflection, co-authored by a group of faith leaders from across the church. During this season of reflection on our Christian faith, their writings will enhance your spiritual journey as they both inspire and challenge you.

Sign up to Receive our Daily Lenten Meditations by Email

Youth Faith-in Action Volunteer Projects

Tutoring - Bayside Martin Luther King Academy – Mondays 3:15 – 4:30 pm
200 Phillips Dr, Sausalito – begins September 17 and continuing

Sunday School Registration: Ongoing!

childrenyouthDid you know . . . Sunday School Registration is open year-round on-line? Click here for the brief form. (Paper registration forms are also available from Children's and Youth Ministry Leaders and the Church Office.)

If you are a parent or grandparent bringing children and youth to Church of Our Saviour for any programs on-site or off-site, please complete the registration and photo permission so that we can continue to organize our programs to best serve our children, youth, and families! Thank you!

Coming Up

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner

The 2019 Shrove Tuesday Church of Our Saviour Pancake Dinner is right around the corner on March 5th beginning at 5:30 pm.

Please email the office, if you would like help!

Volunteers needed:
4 to set up tables, chairs
2 to decorate Hammond Hall
4 people to share fruit salad for a crowd
2 electric skillets to cook bacon + two cooks
A few folks to help break down and put away tables and chairs.

Coming Up at Church of Our Saviour

Thursday – February 14:
Noon – Youth & Family Ministries Meeting – Fireside Room
7 pm – Choir Practice – Choir Room

Saturday – February 16 – 2 pm – Dennis Hawley Memorial Service – Grace Cathedral

Sunday – February 17 – 11:30 am – Contemplative Prayer - Library

Tuesday – February 19 – 9:30 am – Mt. Carmel Hot Lunch Program – Greenwood School Gym across from Mt. Carmel Church

Thursday – February 21 – 7 pm – Choir Practice – Choir Room

Sunday – February 24 – Baptism of Max Kellogg at 10 am
11:30 am – Back to Basics: Nicaea, the Emperor, and the Church – Nave
1:30 pm – Ecumenical Service – The Redwoods

Thursday – February 28:
2 pm – Staff Meeting – Office
7 pm – Choir Practice – Choir Room

Sunday – March 3 – Community Sunday

Tuesday – March 5 – 5:30 pm – Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner -  Hammond Hall

Wednesday – March 6 – Ash Wednesday Services
at 10:30 am & 7 pm
– Nave

Thursday – March 7 – 7 pm – Choir Practice – Choir Room

Sunday – March 10 – 11:30 am – Back to Basics: Wrestling with the Text – Nave

Tuesday – March 12 – Noon – Youth & Family Ministries Meeting – Fireside Room

Wednesday – March 13 – 6:30 pm – Vestry Meeting – Fireside Room

Thursday – March 14:
2 pm – Staff Meeting – Office
7 pm – Choir Practice – Choir Room

Seeking the Spirit

The Rev. Br. Richard Edward HelmerListen to a Recent Sermon

Throwing Our Nets Again

The Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany - Year C
February 10th

by The Rev. Br. Richard Edward Helmer

The danger of "fishing for people" is that we just might be successful.

What Must I Do?

Mark 10:17-31

Christ’s relationship with us, his followers, is a love story. His is self-sacrificing love of the most profound sort. He puts himself on the line again and again, hoping to hear a “yes” from us when he poses the life-giving choices. Such is the case when the rich young man kneels before him.

Have you ever had the experience of praying so consistently, in such a disciplined way, that you come face to face with a crucial issue demanding of you a “yes”? The rich young man, through keeping the commandments from his youth, was in that kind of a place. And it happened to me as well, back when I was first writing icons. The prayer discipline had taken hold of me.

It was a time when I was at odds with my local parish. A small group of friends and I were meeting in my living room on a fairly regular basis to share communion led by one of our number who was a priest. It was a rural, Wyoming town; there were no other choices.

We were in the right. A huge abuse of power was going on at the parish church. Our attempt to address it had resulted in us being shunned. I had no qualms about seeking an alternative way to worship, none whatsoever. But then somehow, through my prayer practice, I found myself kneeling at Jesus’ feet.

“Pray for your enemy,” he told me. That was an astounding request, one I hated. How could I honestly do it? It would put me at odds not only with the church but with my small group of friends who were fellow exiles. And yet, the notion was so powerful I could not deny it was God-sent. And so I did it.

It’s not an easy thing to ask God for health and blessings and well-being for someone who is actively doing you harm, and to do that on a daily basis for months. But it does put things in perspective. In the larger scheme of things we must fight for justice at the same time as we also remember to love. It was exactly what I needed to do in that moment to inherit eternal life.

The task of the rich young man was to give up his possessions. He did not find it possible to say “yes” to that request, as he had quite a few of them, many of which he loved a great deal. We are all in that boat. Why else would people be gathering at our borders in desperate yearning for something – anything – just the crumbs that fall from our table? And Christ does put us in mind of that whenever we kneel at his feet. What the world could do with our accumulated wealth!

“Impossible to give it up,” we say. “There are the kids to think about. Our own security. Does it do anyone any good if we ourselves become homeless and destitute?”

And Jesus replies, “Yes, it’s impossible for human beings. But not for God. Nothing is impossible for God.” That does put things into perspective.

Follow your prayer discipline along the paths it leads you until you find yourself kneeling at Jesus’ feet. What is the one request he makes of you in that moment? What is your reply?

Laurie Gudim is a religious iconographer and writer living in Fort Collins, CO. For the past year and a half she has been studying to be a spiritual director. To learn more about her and her work, go HERE.

From Episcopal Cafe

Prayers this Week

In our Church of Our Saviour Cycle of Prayer, we pray today for the Nelson family, Andrew Myers and the Freas family, and for the ministry of our Parish Life coordinator, and for those who celebrate their birthdays, especially Luc Stervinou, Rachel Lang and Patricia Liddle. In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the Church of the Province of Central Africa. Please pray for those who are ill and in need of comfort, especially Will, Elessar, Barry, Murray, Will P., Scott, Maggi, Tim, Margot, Lisa, Elizabeth, Kara, John, Mary-Jean, William, Graig, Lily; those serving in the military and overseas, especially Leif, Steven, Quinn, Christopher, Andrew and Taylor; and those who have died, especially Dennis, Billy C., Warren R., Ug, and Larry. We pray for all who are struggling with the effects of war and natural disaster at home and around the world. We remember this week the people of Indonesia, Malibu, and Paradise. Help us to address a climate in crisis and to pass on a better world than we inherited. In the Bay Area, we pray for those seeking stable housing and for all who organize to address the housing crisis.

Prayers of the People are updated weekly. Names of those desiring prayers may be added to the Sunday prayers or to this bulletin, with their permission, by contacting the church office.

Faith in Action

New Sign Ups Available for Mt Carmel Hot Lunch

The sign up calendar for our monthly hot lunch at Mt Carmel Church is now online for January - June: LINK. Please volunteer to bring a cooked dish or to serve in the kitchen. Lunches are the third Tuesday of each month. It’s a nice opportunity to work together and serve others. Please contact Tiana Wimmer or Warren Leiden for further information.

The Wider Church


To see what's going on in the Diocese, click here.


Program's At The Bishop’s Ranch

Click here.


Holy Hikes 2019 Schedule here

Parishioner Classifieds

Mother’s Helper Available

Hello! I’m Alice Leiden. I’m 10 years old and in 5th grade. I’m looking into being a mother’s helper! I’ve looked after many young kids before and I’m always happy to play with the young ones! I’m free on: Monday from 3:30-5:00(pm), Wednesday from 3:45-5:00(pm), and Saturday from 1:00-4:00(pm). To contact me, call or text me at 415-760-8698, or email me Thank you for reading this and I hope you will be able to use me!


Need a House-sitter and/or Pet-Sitter?

housepetsittingIf you need someone to take care of your house and/or animals while you are on vacation, COS has two trusted options for you!

Debbie Lewis (parishioner) is available to hire for house-sitting and/or pet-sitting; lives in Mill Valley, contact at telephone (415) 819-8712; references available.

Rose Scarff (parish administrator) is also available for house-sitting and/or pet-sitting. Contact at or 415-887-8768; references available.

Send in your work, service, or spirituality-related classifieds for the parish. Postings will be retained for one month, after which you may refresh them for re-posting.

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Back to Basics: Wrestling with the Gospel
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March 17th

Contemplative Prayer
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Mt. Carmel Hot Lunch Program
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