This Week

April 30

8 am - Rite I Eucharist

9:45 am - Children's Programs

10 am - High School Youth

10 am - Choral Eucharist

Church of Our Saviour is currently seeking qualified applicants for Godly Play Coordinator. Follow the link to learn more.

Coming Up

April 27th

Choir Practice
7:00 pm
Choir Room

April 29th

Isabel Block Recital
7:00 pm
Choir Room

April 30th

Godly Play Potluck
4:00 pm
Fireside Room

May 2nd

Social Action Committee Meeting
12:00 pm
Fireside Room

May 4th

Staff Meeting
3:00 pm

Monthly Calendar

Henry VIIIA Word from the Edge

Catch this podcast’s inaugural episode as Dr. Dryden Liddle and Br. Richard Edward discuss the historical roots of the current political moment, and a Christian response.

Listen now: Tyrants, Demagogues, and Democracy:
How Can Christians Respond?

Join us for Worship

Directions to the Church

Early Worship
8:00 am

Children’s Godly Play &
Middle Saints
9:45 am

EPIC Youth Group
10:00 am

Choral Worship
10:00 am

Worship &
Bible Dialogue
10:30 am

Morning Prayer
9:30 am

Evening Prayer
5:00 pm

Why Church of Our Saviour?

Parish News

As we come to the threshold of Holy Week, we come to the threshold of Jerusalem and the heart of our spiritual tradition as Christians. From the triumphal entry with palms and crowds shouting "Hosanna!" to the machinations of the powerful, the trial, and the crucifixion, Holy Week brings us and, it seems the entire world -- perhaps even the universe -- into the experience of Christ. I have wondered for years about the strange juxtaposition of joy and suffering that Holy Week offers us. But life itself has taught me that Holy Week is not just about bringing all of life to Christ, but bringing Christ into all of life. [more]

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